UX Process

What design process do I use?

I use a non-linear Lean UX / Agile framework. The process starts and ends with a divergent and convergent problem-solving process.


Discovery Phase

This is an over simplification example taken from the book lean UX with Jeff Gothelf where he talks about MVP. Note: THIS IS NOT the agile or delivery MVP, but the UX/design thinking MVP (yes, there are 2 types):



Iterate, iterate, iterate 🙂


Discovery + Delivery Phase

Following lean UX process means that you are making the best of 2 worlds; each delivering high value deliverables. If you will, and for the sake of clarity I want clearly state that there are 2 frameworks that work well together IF applied correctly. When discovery (design thinking, UX process) is fully incorporated, you should see a 50% reduction in the number of problems that plague the delivery phase. This means companies can deploy game-changing processes that destroy a large amount of problems early.


Delivery Phase Only

This is what I see at the majority of companies I have contracted for. The UX team is solving problems within this Agile framework. But if there is no discovery, then you continue to see the same issue plague the company creating millions of dollars of waste.


Lean Agile is the only way to go

If you want to really make a game-changing product that impacts the customer and the business, you have to adopt a lean UX process. I love the fundamentals of a true design thinking process. And I appreciate the Agile framework. They compliment each other when working together as intended.