Healthmine – Member Portal Redesign

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About This Project

Member Portal Redesign


Skunkworks research & discovery project I led for redesigning the current Member Portal. 80% of members were desktop users, so the first run of this new look would be desktop first. This would then translate to the app. Designed Lo-Hi Fidelity prototypes. Used winning A/B UX pattern test data that tested well across disparate websites.
*(A/B test data source:

Here is the previous member portal landing page.


See User Story – Prototype Flow 1
Instructional arrows added to show prototype user story flow and for demonstration purposes


User Flow Diagram


Member Portal Persona


Member Objective:

User is required to schedule a Biometric Screening
But is also curious about the product and wants to explore
Persona exemplifies a user with no health data


UX Objective:
1. Fast-Track the user to high value activity
2. Reduce learning curve
3. Take from completely new to fully capable


UX Patterns & Research
Outlines research done in order to establish winning UX patterns to implement into the redesign.


Personalization App
App prototype for onboarding users.


User Flow: Portal Version 1
Indirectly related to this project, but still has relevance here.