VEX Robotics – Website Redesign

3D, Animation, Illustration, Prototype, UX, Web Design
About This Project

See Prototype


Project Role:
Lead Designer


Redesign to meet customer needs + company objectives


Concept would serve as first step in the redesign process


Website Primary Offerings:
• E-commerce • Education • Competition


Process Steps
• Gather Research Data • Create Strategy and Story • Character Development (3D Model) • Storyboard/Wireframe • Rapid Prototype (One user journey)



Who is VEX?
VEX Robotics is a well established robotics company. They are pivotal in helping young people in classrooms around the world develop skills that will equip them to be key individuals who contribute to further technology and beyond. VEX provides the means for bridging the gap to usher in the next wave of future engineers, software and gaming developers to name a few.


Setting the Stage
In order to make VEX Robotics more engaging, a website redesign would become a chief objective to ensure their offering and value would be embraced by more people and the transition from novice to expert would now be more easily attainable.


My role was to help the company by addressing customer pain points and developing a strategy to ensure that the product would reach its objectives by enabling people to quickly adapt and absorb the product services in a simple, easy to navigate website.


Robotics, just in word or speech can sound intimidating. The primary goal I posited was making the website and related content as approachable as possible. Part of my initiative was to find ways to make the website feel engaging and establish a emotional connection with students and teachers (Primary Audience).


Top priorities were to 1. Create an experience that connected with people 2. Simple, easy to use website to quickly find what people were looking for 3. Ensure that the experience would be seamless and encouraging future visits


Please check out the interactive prototype by clicking the button below. The prototype is a first round deliverable to establish a starting point for discussion and growth. Note that the flow revolves around one user persona. In this case, a teacher is visiting the website to purchase a product for the classroom to teach robotics.



Clickable Prototype with micro-animations: