Nathaniel Platts | Usability Testing Presentation
Personal portfolio of Nathaniel Platts.
Product Design, UX Design, User Experience
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Usability Testing Presentation

Animation, Motion Graphics, UX
About This Project


Project Role:

Director / Animator


Video Purpose:

This video could be looked at tool. When researching for resources for this project I was considering finding a succinct opening video for a presentation for the executive suite. There were a few that were of the same mindset, but our team needed a win. So I decided to pull out my animation skills to help open the presentation with a boom of sorts. This article was helpful in the sense that it aligned with our goals: The True ROI of UX: Convincing the Executive Suite.


The best UX designers understand how crucial design thinking and UX design methodologies are to create a strong UX process. If we know our designs are supported by the user, we are on the right track. But when a UX team is new to a company, there is always going to be some level of effort required to get leadership onboard and approve a budget. This video is not meant as a stand-alone presentation. It has one purpose, to create engagement by getting people to stop multitasking long enough to hear your presentation. The final strategy was to show the video (get undivided attention) and then walk-through rest of presentation.



Surprise Question!

The VP of the company understood the value proposition, but said to our entire team “Tell me how to simplify this into a brief summary that anyone can understand?” Our team got super quiet, and I waited to see if anyone had an answer. After waiting for a bit, I finally spoke up and said, “We need to get inside the users head to see what matters to them.” And to my surprise, the VP responded “Thank you! That is exactly what I needed to hear.”


Video Project Conclusion:

Our strategy worked amazingly well! We got our budget approved AND we collected some cheerleaders from the leadership team who loved our presentation video. Ever since that day our team earned a place in the hearts and minds of the company as the video was spread around making people smile. I’m sharing this because I understand the challenge of educating other stakeholders the value of proper UX and reaching a fully mature UX process. Feel free to use the video to help in your efforts to reach those stakeholders who need to understand the most.



According to NNG research and surveys, you should plan on devoting about 10% of a project’s budget to usability. ROI for any experience can always be validated by increased and more efficient use, or higher satisfaction. In other cases, converting usability to dollars is easy for e-commerce, where doubled sales have immediate value. Intranets, productivity gains are also easy to convert into monetary estimates: simply multiply the time saved by the hourly cost of your employees. Whatever the scenario, monetary value isn’t always easy to see BUT will be substantial in most cases. To learn more about these findings please visit and search for “Return on Investment for Usability.”


Helpful Resources

The True ROI of UX: Convincing the Executive Suite

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Return on Investment for Usability

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