Nathaniel Platts | Usability Testing Presentation
Personal portfolio of Nathaniel Platts.
Product Design, UX Design, User Experience
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Usability Testing Presentation

Animation, Motion Graphics, UX
About This Project

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Project Role:
Director / Animator


This video played a unique role within a larger strategy to present to leadership the idea of a user-driven process.


How do you show leadership that UX can save the company money and time? How have other companies established a fully mature UX process? What level of effort is needed to help all stakeholders adopt the vision of UX?


These are some of the hard questions that were asked when putting together our presentation. One question that haunted the team the most was “Will all this information just fly over their head?” Do we have any other tricks up our sleeve that would make our meeting with leadership a success?


I posited that we needed a way to help leadership truly listen and understand the vision in simple terms. It’s really easy to stockpile a lot of data into a presentation. It may be good information, but if it doesn’t reach the hearts and minds of our audience, it won’t matter what we say.


Therefore, because I have background in motion graphics, marketing and sales I was able to make a case that we need a way to captivate our audience. We need a simple strategy that will cause them to stop multi-tasking in their head and be fully engaged.


So the video became a winning solution that would be eye-catching using motion graphics, voice overs and introducing intriguing questions to draw them into the dialogue. And by golly it worked!