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About This Project

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Project Role
Lead UX Designer


Tasked to redesign the OT navigation app that the driver will use. Worked with Product Owner and Engineering team.


About this Project
The Omnitracs Navigation App is used by drivers to help navigate and guide them to make seamless deliveries and send reports back to the dispatch portal. The application could be compared in some ways to Google Maps or Waze, but with the addition of logistics functionality and features that are unique to the company.


The previous navigation app was an eye-sore and beating to use. It was running on older technology that was slow and looked and felt like it was undesigned (if that is a real thing?). Drivers constantly reported feedback on how slow and clunky the app was to use. It would also behoove me to mention that the average user had a 6th grade education level (seriously).


Challenge – Part 1
Leadership was planning on spending a significant amount of revenue to acquire another application that was already working. But the product manager of the navigation app was a very ambitious, exceptionally talented, and smart individual who had a different plan. He proposed to the leadership team a plan that would follow a 3-month model to build everything in-house. But the plan included an additional challenge… it must be created after hours and in addition to everyones current work (e.g. engineering team, UX designer and the PM).


Challenge – Part 2
The product manager came to me for the UX design side of the equation. This would not be simple task and he knew he was asking a lot. He did a Teams video call and wanted to ensure he was communicating how important this was to him and how much confidence he had in what I had to offer. This was going to be a lot of work on top of my daily responsibilities.


Challenge – Part 3
With the green light, we had 3 months to design, test, and validate a new app. The final deliverable was to prove to leadership that we could build a winning application that was fast, easy to use and something drivers would love. The APK would be sent via zip file over Teams to all the stakeholders to download on their Android tablets as well.



Thanks to the engineering side, the first problem was effortlessly solved simply by building the new app using the Native Android Flutter platform. The difference in speed was night and day.


The design process began with a lot of competitive analysis; taking the top 3 navigation apps and taking note of what could be used as inspiration.


• Gather Research Data + testing • Personas • Content Strategy • Whiteboards/Sketches • Storyboard/Wireframe • Prototype • Test


Grid View
Click the following link to see more of the screens that were built including error, success and confirmation states.
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