Healthmine – Member Portal Redesign

Apps, Prototype, UX, Web Design
About This Project

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Skunkworks research & discovery project I led for redesigning the current Member Portal. Over 80% of members were desktop users, so the new look would be desktop first. Designed low to mid fidelity prototypes. Used winning A/B UX pattern test data that tested well across disparate websites.


Who is Healthmine?

Healthmine is focused on empowering individuals to take the right actions to improve their health. We engage every member at scale with a personalized experience and tailored outreach at the right time to close gaps in care, enhance member satisfaction, and improve clinical and quality outcomes.


The Problem

Employees using the application lacked health literacy. To make matters worse, there was no content strategy to mitigate the language barrier of using health jargon associated with tasks on the app. Then, what makes the experience a non-starter is offering no strategy to onboard users. Thus you have a perfect storm.


Previous Landing Screen


The Solution

The following information is a culmination of research and discovery efforts. The solution would be delivered in the form of a mid fidelity new MVP prototype. My strategy was to progressively disclose information and ensure that the user felt in control.




Prototype Flow:

  • First Time Experience — takes unhappy path
  • User is required to schedule a Biometric Screening
  • Persona exemplifies a user with no health literacy


UX Objective:
1. Fast-Track the user to high value activity
2. Reduce learning curve
3. Take from completely new to fully capable