Healthmine – Highmark Preso

Animation, Motion Graphics, Storyboarding, Video
About This Project

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Project Role:
Lead Designer & Motion Graphics



  • Sales & Marketing needed a tool to help tell the Healthmine story
  • Replace current powerpoint presentation with something that has substance
  • My proposition was to tell a story in the form of a short but impactful video
  • Video would be a centerpiece moving forward winning new business


Process Steps
• Working with other coworkers to develop a powerful user case • Create Strategy and Story • Collect assets for video build • Storyboard/Wireframe • Video Presentation



Why create a video?
Current powerpoint was not successful at communicating the key value prop. Having motion graphics background I provided the means to create a more impactful presentation with this 4 minute video that shows the Healthmine package. This was a team effort; there was a lot of daily collaboration with team members to ensure the storyboard would be completed in a short amount of time. Over the course of 4 weeks, we were able to create a moving story that served as powerful tool to win clients. Watch the video by clicking the button below.