Industrial Design – The Ziosk

Industrial Design
About This Project

This prototype was one of many concepts that I designed. This version was essentially a simplified version of the Ziosk device. Removing the printer and designing a new stand looked like a promising prospect due to it’s sleek and slimmed down look and feel. Unfortunately, the printer was in demand and NFC was now on the radar. So this concept was no longer an option because the neck would need to house the printer, adding at least an inch to its thickness.


The current Ziosk in stores is internally called AH4000. I was brought into art direct the engineers at TXS Industrial Design agency to design and finesse many of the devices features.


A lot about this project led to my involvement in other unique opportunities to expand my knowledge when it came to mocking up 3d prototypes, building things to real world specs and best of all the files could be handed off to an Industrial Engineer and they could 3d print it.

Before I leave this snapshot in time, it would behoove me share that this projects was just the beginning of digging deeper into several disciplines revolving around “Human Factors.”I grabbed this quote from an article by Adobe that helps explain how Human Factors and User Experience overlap.In conclusion, I really enjoyed the innovation and product design process!