UX Process

…deep delight is experienced when the interface behaves like a surgeon’s knowledgeable assistant: it hands all the right instruments exactly when they are needed, without getting in the way.

NNG – Deep Delight


  • What problems are we solving for? Empathy for users is paramount.
  • Define archetypes (personas). What are their core needs and behaviors?
  • Frame what the final experience should look like vs where the user is currently.


  • Brainstorm. Open the door to various possibilities, crazy or not. (Vision)
  • Quick draw! Sketching is one of the quickest ways to capture and articulate ideas.
  • Momentum! A lean UX process will help ensure collaborators are productive. Often looks like: sketch, review ideas, take the best and repeat. (Refinement)


  • Challenge best ideas: is experience simple? Empowering users? Gaps? (Bullet-proof)
  • Any blockers? Are we moving from doubt to certainty?
  • More people means more ideas to review. Collaboration is key! Everyone combined equals various great ideas leading to a winning solution. (No lone rangers!)


  • Work with research using various methods for gathering user feedback.
  • Review user feedback and discover which assumptions were validated.
  • Ensure everything is well-documented and easy to digest.


  • Work with development and ensure the final is working as expected.
  • Ask development what guidelines will keep their efforts seamless.
  • Plan on meeting with dev often to ensure all questions are answered.

Final Review

  • Evaluate final build. Use validation data to refine concepts.
  • Last round of testing with users. This will help wrap up any previous issues.
  • What obstacles were discovered? Document them. This will prevent future issues.
  • What works? What doesn’t? New opportunities? Next steps?